Welcome Class of 2021!

Hi Class of 2021! Welcome to Wash U! We are so excited to meet you all in August, but until then, here is some information about us. Ashoka is Wash U’s South Asian Cultural Group. We host social events (such as our Formal and Semi-Formal), cultural events (such as the annual Diwali Show and Holi), philanthropic and social awareness focused events (such as round table discussions, benefit nights, and Bazaar) and much more. We will be having a welcome back event, as well as a General Body meeting and a Diwali Interest meeting very soon, so if you are at all interested, please stop by at any/all of these. Until then, feel free to contact us about any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. Our email and links to our Facebook page and Instagram are listed on the “Contact Us” page. See you all soon!